About the Forum

We live in a period characterized by uncertainty and volatility, with rapid environmental, technological and social change, the destabilization of traditional power centers, and the rise of new, non-state actors. These and other forces have driven the exclusion and marginalization of billions worldwide, leading to global political and social instability. As our governance capacities become increasingly fragmented, there is a need for counterbalancing forces of stability and integration. These forces must be dynamic, cohesive, and supported by unprecedented efforts at all levels of governance, particularly through concerted action by all nations.

Effective and credible mechanisms of international cooperation that are capable of acting on behalf of the interests of humanity and the planet itself – rather than those of a particular set of countries or small groups of people – are absolutely essential. While interdependence has created tensions regarding perceived conflicts between national sovereignty and collective problem solving, the Global Governance Forum believes that joint, coordinated action, based upon clear and legitimate common goals, can restore the rapidly diminishing efficacy of current global governance mechanisms. It is our belief that the national autonomy of states is best served by strengthening the international rule of law, collective security, and environmental management.

The Forum seeks to catalyze substantive, wide-ranging and inclusive conversations on systemic changes to our current global governance architecture. In particular, on how best to make the transition from a model based on narrow national interest to one anchored in an explicit recognition of global interdependence. This transition should give further effect to the crucial principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter, in order to confront more effectively the global catastrophic risks which cast a shadow over the future of humanity. The cost of inaction is high, and the window of opportunity to address current global risks is ever shrinking.


Visionaries of the Past

The development of the concept of global governance and international progress has been furthered by the tireless efforts of many-- at different times and places in history-- devoted to the service of the collective. For short biographies of a few of these outstanding lives visit the Visionaries of the Past page.