Mission Statement

“We, the peoples”—as the UN Charter preamble calls us—have a profound need for effective and credible mechanisms of international cooperation that will serve the current and future interests of humanity as a whole, and safeguard the planetary systems on which we rely.

While interdependence has created tensions between traditional conceptions of national sovereignty and the idea of collective problem solving, the Global Governance Forum believes that joint, coordinated action, based on carefully defined and legitimate common goals, can restore the rapidly diminishing efficacy of current global governance mechanisms.

Given the reality of globalization and current global risks, it is our belief that the national autonomy of states is best served by strengthening the international rule of law, collective security, and collaborative environmental management.

The Global Governance Forum seeks to foster substantive, wide-ranging and inclusive conversations, and to promote systemic and transformative changes to our current global governance architecture.

These changes would be based on an explicit recognition of the inevitable interdependence that already binds humanity together. In order to confront more effectively the global catastrophic risks we face, we have chosen as our starting point the set of shared principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

To this end, the Forum will

  1. Promote research on improved or alternative models of global governance in a set of thematic areas, including peace and security, the environment, economic development and the rule of law, among others.

  2. Organize conferences, presentations and colloquia —both in person and online— to improve understanding among organizations and individuals working for a more peaceful and prosperous world.

  3. Assist and cooperate with like-minded civil society, business and other organizations or initiatives.

  4. Offer its substantive or technical support to sub-national entities, governments, and multilateral or inter-governmental organizations.

  5. Promote a global governance agenda with the aim of seizing exciting new opportunities for humankind to achieve unprecedented levels of prosperity, health, education, peace and justice.