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Annual Conference

Over the period 2020-2021 we intend to hold two annual conferences, using Global Governance and the Emergence of Global Institutions for the 21st Century as a starting point for discussion, raising a wide range of questions and issues requiring further exploration. While the programs for these conferences are to be prepared in coming months, we intend to give early focus to four themes, drawing on work currently underway, including: (1) exploring the role of strengthened global governance in addressing the climate crisis, including the potential to negotiate a more equitable sharing of responsibilities across states and other entities for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to converge on the scientifically-validated trajectory necessary to prevent catastrophic global heating, together with the development of innovative funding mechanisms to substantially increase the global system-wide ability to manage and respond to the mitigation and adaptation challenges; (2) issues pertaining to the setting up of a World Parliamentary Assembly as a means of enhancing the democratic legitimacy of the UN and as possibly the most promising avenue for unblocking the current paralysis in UN reform; (3) security issues around the themes of the peaceful settlement of international disputes, the establishment of an international peace force, including consideration of the range of operational details underpinning the creation of such a force (e.g., recruitment, size, command structure, funding, scope of interventions, among many others) and models of systemic international arms control; and, (4) pathways to the establishment of, and design features for, more effective international institutions and judicial mechanisms for international human rights and anti-corruption obligations.

These conferences will draw from various stakeholder groups, including government, the business community and civil society. They will provide a platform for an exchange of views on vital global governance questions, bringing together a range of specialized expertise that will contribute to the development of innovative ideas and the exploration of pathways for action. Please check this space in coming months for further news.